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Are You Speaking Your Client’s Language? Use DiSC to Elevate Your Message

by | May 24, 2022

Exceptional customer service—a standard all real estate agents should strive for if they want an edge over the competition—requires a tailored approach to communication. An outgoing, emotional personality is great if you’re working with a buyer who also has that personality, but what if they are more reserved or analytical? What if they are less willing to take risks, or are less optimistic?

The best agents adapt their approach to selling based on the client’s personality. They know the same tone and delivery style won’t work for every client, and understand that different types of clients need very different buying experiences. To properly tailor the experience, you must first understand how to identify your client’s behavioral style—which is where DiSC comes in.

While many salespeople have heard of DiSC or have taken the assessment for themselves, few know just how powerful it can be for both their bottom line and reputation as an agent. 

Read on to learn more.

What Is DiSC?

DiSC is a widely-used assessment tool (click here for an example) that measures four main behavioral traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Understanding the DiSC framework allows you to pinpoint a client’s behavioral style and therefore adjust your approach to “speak their language,” thus increasing the odds of a desirable outcome.

Let’s say your client, who is looking for an agent to sell their multimillion-dollar penthouse, is a high “D.” Individuals with dominant personalities appreciate recognition by others and are strongly influenced by those whom  they perceive as being powerful. To help you win their business, a testimonial from someone well-known in your industry, or name-dropping a previous client (albeit with discretion), could give you the edge you need.

Now that we’ve provided an example of how DiSC can be leveraged as a real estate agent, let’s take a dive into each “profile.”


Key attributes:

  • Active, bold
  • Fast paced, questioning
  • Logic-focused
  • Challenging
  • Skeptical

Motivated by: Bottom line results

Fears: Being taken advantage of

Likes people who:

  • Get to the point
  • Are direct
  • Make quick decisions

Less comfortable with those who:

  • Are very talkative
  • Try to entertain
  • Tell them what to do

Tips for communicating with D personalities:

  • Be brief
  • Get to the point quickly
  • Be specific about the facts
  • Challenge and offer opportunity
  • Prefers to have short, bulleted conversations


Key attributes:

  • Active, fast paced
  • Receptive, bold
  • People-focused
  • Accepting

Motivated by: Flattery and positivity

Fears: Rejection

Likes people who:

  • Have time to talk
  • Are friendly
  • Are people-oriented

Less comfortable with those who:

  • Treat them off-handedly
  • Are standoffish
  • Are cool and reserved

Tips for communicating with I personalities:

  • Begin with small talk; socialize
  • Provide positive feedback frequently
  • Ask for their opinion and ideas
  • Use humorous appeals
  • Involve them in the decision making process
  • Prefers to have lengthy, friendly conversations


Key attributes:

  • Calm, careful
  • Moderate paced, thoughtful
  • People-focused
  • Accepting
  • Receptive

Motivations: Collaboration

Fears: Change

Likes people who:

  • Warm up before jumping Into business
  • Take time to get comfortable
  • Let them explain how they think things should be

Less comfortable with those who:

  • Push them into changes before they are ready
  • Change things for the sake of change

Tips for communicating with S personalities:

  • Discussions allow for reflection
  • Ask for help
  • Appeal to ideals and excellence
  • Show concern
  • Emphasize self-development
  • Allow time to make decisions


Key attributes:

  • Calm, careful
  • Moderate paced, questioning
  • Logic-focused
  • Challenging, skeptical

Motivations: Accuracy and specifics

Fears: Conflict and criticism

Likes people who:

  • Are diplomatic, courteous
  • Take actions that make sense
  • Are quiet, clear thinkers

Less comfortable with those who:

  • Want them to wear their heart on their sleeve
  • Want them to deal with emotionally charged issues

Tips for communicating with C personalities:

  • Present ideas as low risk
  • Exercise logic, use facts
  • Tie new things to old
  • Give opportunity to be analytical
  • Use familiarity, routine, and structure
  • Include careful analysis, charts, tables, etc.

In Conclusion

Everyone needs information delivered to them in different ways, and this knowledge can help give your client messaging more impact. Leveraging the DiSC methodology, you’ll be able to connect with clients on a deeper level, making them feel completely understood and supported. What better way to close the deal and ensure repeat business?

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